I often forget that not everybody subscribes to multiple social media platforms. As a result, the questions I answer might not reach you all, and I find myself faced with the problem of a thousand messages across every platform, asking more or less the same thing.  I thought it would be more effective for me to direct everyone to this page. Rather than compiling hundreds of frequently asked questions into one insanely long post,  I’ll just check in once a month to respond to your questions in the comment box, and you can all refer back to this page for answers to burning life questions, when you need them most.

Or, there’s also TwitterInstagramFacebook, and email, for that.

Here are some answers to what have apparently been the most pressing subjects in question across all of my social channels since the blog launched:

Who is “Innately Chatty”?

Hello! My name is Andie and I’m originally from the Philippines. I have always dreamed of traveling the world, and after graduating from college I hope to make a full-time career out of it. Innately Chatty was originally more of an online journal for me to share my travel adventures and eating escapades (of which I have had plenty). I want to inspire others to travel to more places, and enjoy some delicious local cuisine along the way! Read my full story on my about page.

How did you come up with your blog name?

After having a personal blog for over 3 years documenting my college experience, I knew I wanted to branch out. I love food and travel, so it was difficult coming up with a name that described both aspects – titles like girleatworld were already taken, and others sounded way too ridiculous. My family and friends have always joked about my motormouth (I was given a Little Miss Chatterbox keyring as a gag gift once), and “Innately Chatty” had a nice ring to it.

Who takes your photos?

Unless I’ve credited otherwise, I shoot all of my own photos. During university I would ask one of my classmates to take a photo for me if I am out and about on the streets. When I was traveling alone I asked random passerby – I have never been a shy person so asking people to take a quick snap hasn’t failed me yet! Plus it’s a nice way to make new friends or practice your basic language skills (my Spanish could definitely use some help).

What camera do you use? How do you edit your photos?

My main camera I use for every day photography is an Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7. I also use my iPhone 6 for a lot of my Instagram photos. For editing on my laptop I use Adobe Photoshop, and for Instagram I love using Snapseed and VSCOcam.

Who designed your blog, and how much did it cost?

My blog was designed by Phil of Pipdig. He is a rockstar, plain and simple. I bought one of his WordPress templates (Equinox, for $59) and he had it installed within 24 hours. Phil was patient in answering all my questions, from changing fonts to adding my social media icons. If you’re looking for a clean and minimal blog design, I definitely recommend a Pipdig theme!

How tall are you?

I’m 5 ft 2. Technically, I’m only 5 ft 1/2, but I round up (yes, it does matter).

What are some of your favorite foods?

Carbs – especially pasta. And also sweets like ice cream or donuts. I definitely think I was Italian in my past life. I also love salmon onigiri, and am disappointed whenever a Japanese restaurant doesn’t have it on the menu. I’m extremely allergic to most seafood, nuts, and egg (but weirdly enough, I can eat chicken), so I do carry an epipen with me at all times. The first time I used my epipen was in Tanzania because of some delicious homemade banana ice cream – that is a story to tell the grandkids.

How can you eat so much on Instagram?

It may surprise you, but I don’t personally consume every single piece of food that shows up on my Instagram feed. Sometimes I have cute food dates with my friends or family, who are also foodies like myself. On rare occasions though, I have been known to devour multiple dishes in one sitting (especially if I wake up past noon).

What breed of dog is _______? Would you recommend getting one?

If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know that I’m a crazy dog person. My family has three dogs, and because I’m allergic to fur (go figure), they’re all hypoallergenic. My mom is extremely happy because that means none of my dogs shed.

Ziggy is a moody miniature schnauzer, Simon is a spoiled west highland terrier, and Nemo is a rambunctious Scottish terrier. My dogs are massive cuddlers, but like any breed, they do have specific traits and needs that have to be taken into consideration. They are mischievous and great with active families – but that doesn’t rule you out if you’re a couch potato! As terriers they are prone to barking, and love to dig and chase anything that catches their eye. Simon and Nemo believe they are a lot larger than they actually are (Big Dog Syndrome). Keeping Simon’s coat white can also be difficult (he loves playing in the garden). At the end of the day though, I wouldn’t give up my babies for anything in the world.

Where have you traveled?


England, Italy, Portugal,  Scotland, Spain, Vatican City, Wales.

The Americas

Canada, United States of America.

Africa & Middle East

Tanzania, United Arab Emirates.


China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand.

Anything else?

Ask and you shall receive.

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